Serano Entertainment 


  KJ- karaoke show hosting for small or large events & venues (English & Spanish music)


I have done karaoke shows for over 20 years now, from small to large venues, indoor and outdoor events, and weekly venues to private parties. My notable clients have been; the City of Sparks where for three Summers I ran the karaoke & sound systems for the Farmers Market "Magic On The Mic" singing contest and the "Chef Cooking Show" and open karaoke singing. The City of Reno Department of Recreation at "Idlewild Park" .  I have also done business for a couple of radio stations including "Magic 95.5" and "Reno Radio Representatives/BOB 97.3". I have provided music entertainment for "Shoppers Square" shopping center in Reno for their annual Christmas parade.  I have over 3,000 different English songs (not repeats) and a great Spanish karaoke collection of 4,000 songs if needed. I look forward to helping you with your karaoke entertainment needs, Ernesto.